“Since we walked and talked, I seem to be reading and hearing so much about what we talked about. But to be honest, you explained how the brain works so beautifully. I want you to know that you have such a gift and our talk has stayed with me.” — K

“I thought I had to hold my boundaries with my toxic family members and I was pretty riled up and righteous about it. It took a lot of time and energy living that way and it was really intense at times. I had done a lot of counselling and workshops in my life to work on my issues and manage these relationships, so I was pleasantly surprised with all of the gold nuggets in Marla’s work. Now I see all of this so differently – there is no issue. I am more relaxed and confident, and there is no strife. Marla’s work has profoundly affected me. Thank you Marla.” — T

“I learned that when I am angry I can just let it go. Also, when someone gets angry at me, it is about them, not about me. ” –R (age 13)

“I felt so much better after. I learned that when I am scared, I am in my animal brain and I can remember to use my human, thinking brain so I am not scared. I feel free, calm and happy.” — C (age 11)

“Our 11 year old son had some big fears that seemed irrational to us and really paralyzed him at times. Throughout the years we had taken him to different counsellors who did several tests and initiated different techniques, but his fear never went away. But it is Marla’s skillful way that has been The Gift to us all. He loved walking and talking with her. Now our son has put his fear in its place and we see how powerful he feels. He says he feels ‘free, happy, and calm.’” — T (mother of C)

“The best word to describe how I felt after my walk and talk with Marla was HOPE. The transformation of my life since that day has been remarkable. Inspiring. Not only has it changed my life but also the lives of all the people close to me. I am living proof that her technique works. I was ready to change my life and her approach made sense. It is simple yet so strongly effective. Once you have faith, you start to see signs that what you are working on actually is doing something. Look internally rather than to the external world to have the biggest impact on your life.” — L

“Thank you for helping me and my husband be better connected to ourselves and to each other. Your empathy and pragmatism provide a safe place for vulnerable feelings to emerge. Couple these skills with the unique practice you use of walking in nature while talking, and the results are meaningful. To be able to move when exploring adrenaline-filled matters of the heart is a relief. To feel the air on your face, to feel the earth under foot, and to see the trees, is grounding. ” —S

“Marla is fabulous. She challenged me and guided me to go beneath the surface to understand my behaviour and my patterns and to become more aware of being in the moment and being aware of when I drift back. She has helped me to understand what a trigger is and to be aware of how I trigger others. I have been able to adjust my communication so that I’m not triggering others. It is exhausting in the beginning but with practice it becomes unconscious. I have already seen a difference with family members. I only met with Marla once and was able to take many things away from our conversation to be able to implement a new approach.” —K

“Marla has worked with all three generations of our family. Her effective, direct and unique methodology has helped each of us to unlock our emotional habit patterns and our emotional responses to life. She has empowered each of us, with her skillful guidance, to understand why we do what we do, without judgement, and given us the tools to move forward and do things differently on our own. We are all very grateful to her.” —A

“I can’t thank Marla enough for our recent session. Not at all what I thought the focus would be. But it really pushed me through to see things differently.” — H